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Senior Status | Austin Texas Senior Photographer

The conversation during this photo shoot was much different than when I’m chasing toddlers around. College talk, high school dances, and volleyball games filled in between posing and searching for perfect light. I was just as smitten by her beauty as I was her teenage life. No doubt his girl is going to take the world by storm, all the while doing it with her gorgeous smile.

Good Vibes | Austin TX Family Photographer

I have a lot of clients that I photograph at least once a year. I love these shoots because the energy between myself and them just works. And the energy during a shoot shows up in the photos. This is one of my favorite families. I see them every July – same place, same time. They always roll out looking sun kissed and relaxed.  And I document them just as they are. It is awesome. They are awesome. I’m telling you, it’s all about the good vibes!!

* Photos taken in Carlsbad, CA; Austin TX in title for search optimization



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