Best Newborn Photographer Award! | Oceanside California

About a week after moving to Austin, TX  I was checking my emails  and was ecstatic to get one saying that out of 65 newborn photographers analyzed  in the North County San Diego area, I made the top 5! Actually, not only the top 5 – #2!

Kind of ironic to get it right after moving out of state, but hey…I’ll take the accolades! So proud to add this badge to my website!

I can’t deny, I love those newborn snuggles!


Absolutely Perfect | Orange County Family Photographer

I was trying to think of a post title for this session, and the words Absolutely Perfect kept coming to mind. Because it was. The setting, the family, the clothes! I mean talk about it all coming together! These people mean more to me than words can express. I look forward to taking their photos every year. This year I am just swooning over the results! Warning, major photo overload because I just can’t help it!!  mean more than words can express. I always look forward to taking her family photos. I am absolutely swooning over these photos! Warning – HUGE photo overload…they are all so pretty I couldn’t help myself!



All the way from Austin! | Carlsbad Family Photographer

These California natives that ventured out to a life in Austin were back for the Summer and so we decided to do some fun beach shots to celebrate their roots. It was such an awesome evening – and hello, these two boys! How adorable are they with their tan skin and white blond hair! You can take the kid out of California, but never take California out of the kid!




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