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Tips for a Great Session

  1. Make sure to treat our session together like a play date! If you are having a good time, this will come across in your pictures and will relax your children...and they will have a good time!
  2. Don’t tell your children to say cheese, and don’t worry if they aren’t smiling every second of the session. You want to capture every aspect of them, and sometimes the pensive and soulful looks define who they are more than a forced smile. But, don’t worry - we’ll get both natural playful shots along with posed family portraits.
  3. Don’t bring an entourage. Bring only those members of the family who are being photographed. Children will act a lot more naturally when they don’t have to perform for an audience.
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Allow kids to be kids. A stray hair or a little dirt on the face is only going to show who your child really is.
  5. Let me worry about getting the kiddos to look at the camera. The best thing you can do is look at me and smile. That way, when your children show us their pearly whites, mom and dad are already in place!
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